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Experiencing multilevel democracy: Thematic working groups are organized to ask political leaders and policy experts questions about the scope of EU governance and the state of multilevel democracy in Europe. The discussion between participants in Siena and privileged witnesses will be developed through LIVE CHAT. The workshop is open to the public. Please register in advance if you want to take part in WGs.

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LABs session in May

  • Laboratory on Elites’ attitudes and behavior (S. Cresti) 10/5 h 11-13 (Aula A) & 13/5 h 13-16 (Aula 3B)
  • Laboratory on National Parliaments & the EU (S. Cavatorto & A. Ferreri) 16/5 & 23/5 h 13-15 (Aula 5)
  • Laboratory on Public opinion’s survey data (F. Olmastroni) 19/5 h 10-13 (Aula 6)

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Meetings in May have been updated!

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Today and tomorrow last seminars about Public opinion and the EU: 4/5 h 14-16 Sala riunioni II & 5/5 h 12-13 (Aula A) “Determinants of mass publics’ attitudes towards the EU in times of crisis” (Prof. P. Bellucci).

How citizens relate to the EU? Lectures on public opinion & the EU start on 15/4

Francesco Olmastroni deals with the relation between the process of Europeanization and public opinion, in particular in connection with the main dimensions of EU citizenship: 15/4 h 12-14 (Aula 3B); 19/4 h 11-13 (Sala riunioni II).

Paolo Bellucci devotes attention in particular to the topic of European identity and to public opinion’s reactions to the economic crisis: 20/4 h 14-16 (Aula E); 21/4 h 10-12 (Aula 6).

New activities before the Easter break

– a Tutorial Seminar about “Representation through the social media: multilevel democracy via Twitter?” will be introduced by Sabrina Cavatorto & Francesco Olmastroni on 24/3 h 10-12 (Presidio Mattioli, Aula 6 – 1 Floor).
Prof. Luca Verzichelli starts his lectures about “Elites’ attitudes towards the EU and multilevel career patterns” on 24/3 h 12-14 (Aula Seminario – 2 Floor).

The Academic module has been launched

The programme a.y. 2015-16 was presented on February 29, 2016 h 13-15 at Presidio Mattioli, Via Mattioli 10 SIENA.

Lectures start at the same venue, Monday 7 March h 13-15 Room 5. During the entire week Modes of democratic representation in the EU will be debated (additional dates: 10-11 March h 10-12).

For further information and enrollment please contact the Coordinator, Assistant Professor Sabrina Cavatorto: sabrina.cavatorto@unisi.it

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