Documents and other teaching tools prepared by professors for lectures and seminars (Power point presentations, reading lists and briefing materials, case-studies, sample of data sets, tools for self-evaluation, etc.) will be provided to attendant students and the general public:

A.y. 2016/2017

A.y. 2015/2016

  • 20160324_071813Calendar 2016
  • Modes of political representation in the EU: introductory slides
  • Seminar session 1: List of topics and reading materials for working groups & class discussion
  • In the preparation of the Tutorial Seminar: what Politicization for the EU?
  • Students’ task dealing with EU-related issues on the Twittersphere
  • The final version of the Tutorial seminar programme 2016
  • Alba Ferreri’s speech about EU policy frames in parliamentary debates: from theory to practice
  • Issues about European elites by Prof. Verzichelli here
  • Reading list on public opinion and the EU in the Great Recession (Prof. Bellucci)
  • LAB on elites’ attitudes and behavior (Dr. Cresti)
  • LAB on public opinion (Dr. PhD Olmatroni)
  • “Experiencing multilevel democracy”: slide presentation of the event (13 June 2016)