LABs session in May

  • Laboratory on Elites’ attitudes and behavior (S. Cresti) 10/5 h 11-13 (Aula A) & 13/5 h 13-16 (Aula 3B)
  • Laboratory on National Parliaments & the EU (S. Cavatorto & A. Ferreri) 16/5 & 23/5 h 13-15 (Aula 5)
  • Laboratory on Public opinion’s survey data (F. Olmastroni) 19/5 h 10-13 (Aula 6)

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Meetings in May have been updated!

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Today and tomorrow last seminars about Public opinion and the EU: 4/5 h 14-16 Sala riunioni II & 5/5 h 12-13 (Aula A) “Determinants of mass publics’ attitudes towards the EU in times of crisis” (Prof. P. Bellucci).

How citizens relate to the EU? Lectures on public opinion & the EU start 15/4

Francesco Olmastroni deals with the relation between the process of Europeanization and public opinion, in particular in connection with the main dimensions of EU citizenship: 15/4 h 12-14 (Aula 3B); 19/4 h 11-13 (Sala riunioni II).

Paolo Bellucci devotes attention in particular to the topic of European identity and to public opinion’s reactions to the economic crisis: 20/4 h 14-16 (Aula E); 21/4 h 10-12 (Aula 6).

New activities before the Easter break

– a Tutorial Seminar about “Representation through the social media: multilevel democracy via Twitter?” will be introduced by Sabrina Cavatorto & Francesco Olmastroni on 24/3 h 10-12 (Presidio Mattioli, Aula 6 – 1 Floor).
Prof. Luca Verzichelli starts his lectures about “Elites’ attitudes towards the EU and multilevel career patterns” on 24/3 h 12-14 (Aula Seminario – 2 Floor).

The Academic module has been launched

The programme a.y. 2015-16 was presented on February 29, 2016 h 13-15 at Presidio Mattioli, Via Mattioli 10 SIENA.

Lectures start at the same venue, Monday 7 March h 13-15 Room 5. During the entire week Modes of democratic representation in the EU will be debated (additional dates: 10-11 March h 10-12).

For further information and enrollment please contact the Coordinator, Assistant Professor Sabrina Cavatorto:

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