EUReACT puts forward the idea that the study of democratic representation encompass a plurality of dimensions (political, economic, social, cultural) and different levels of government (local, national, supranational). The module focuses on actors and processes of multilevel democratic representation outlining the work programme along the following thematic areas:

  1. Modes of democratic representation in the EU
  2. Elites’ attitudes towards the EU and multilevel career patterns
  3. EU policy frames in parliamentary debates
  4. Mass publics’ conceptions of the EU and European citizenship

Together with lectures, seminars and research laboratory sessions are organized to foster debate, information exchange, as well as the development of reflection and opinions among professors, young researchers, students and policy makers.

Such an interactive teaching style is enriched by events and deliverables intended to activate a larger public of citizens and professionals. By experiential learning, EUReAct pursues a deeper awareness about EU democratic polity making.

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