Issues on European Elites discussed by Prof. Luca Verzichelli

The recent literature concerning the crisis of representative democracy in Europe and the role of political elites are covered, in particular dealing with: the analysis of the political and social profile of contemporary ruling elite in Europe; the problems of selection of the elite and the accountability of the leaders; the increasing variance among contemporary party elites in the European Elite System.

30/3 h 11-13 & 31/3/2017 h 11-13, Presidio Mattioli

The seminar session “Legitimising the EU” has completed

Students worked hard and made vivid presentations.

Here the list of main debated key questions & readings, just to launch some of the most crucial topics we will develop going forward with our meetings.

Thanks for your engagement!


Democratic representation and the EU

The first series of Lectures 2017 by Prof. Sabrina Cavatorto has just started.

Focusing on the debate about The Future of the EU launched recently by the EP and the European Commission in the preparation of the Rome Treaty’s 60th anniversary celebrations, main features of EU governance will be discussed, together with a description of various modes of democratic representation in the MLG system of the European polity. Is the democratic deficit a real problem? Legitimacy under severe stress…

Meeting dates: 6/3 h 13-15 (Aula 3A); 9/3 h 11-13 (Aula 5); 10/3 h 11-13 (Aula 3A)

A seminar on Forms and channels of legitimacy in the EU is organized immediately after (13-16-17 March 2017, same time and venue). This session is based on working groups & students presentations. Active participation is strongly recommended!

Here you find a summary about how the topic is articulated.