Cycle of lectures on “Public opinion & the EU” continues…

Prof. Paolo Bellucci devotes attention to public opinion’s reactions to the economic crisis.
  • LECTURES on 19/4 h 17-19 (Aula 6) & 20/4 h 11-13 (Aula 5)
After that, the determinants of people’s perceptions towards the EU and how these have acquired a strong unprecedented partisan polarization are investigated through
  • SEMINARS on 3/5 h 17-19 (Aula 6) & 4/5 h 11-13 (Aula 5)

Upcoming sessions before the Easter break

  • POLITICAL ELITES: After the first Seminar on Democratization and failure at the European Border. Case studies from the Mediterranean area (4/4 h 17-19), Dr. PhD Gianni del Panta (Università di Siena) still meets students to discuss about A decline of democracy? A world view: 11/4 h 17-19 (Aula 7)
  • PUBLIC OPINION: Lectures about theoretical and empirical conceptualizations of public opinion and possible interlinks with EU politics start with Dr. PhD Francesco Olmastroni (Università di Siena): 10/4 h 13-15 (Aula 3A) & 13/4 h 11-13 (Aula 5)