Extra seminar on European parties

Today, 22 May 2017, h 13-15 (aula 3A) Prof. Enrico Calossi joins us to present his book “Anti-Austerity Left Parties in the EU. Competion, Coordination and Integration” (2016, Pisa University Press).

See “Events/Special Guests” to download the full slide presentation.

New LABS now ready!

The LAB session 2017 is going to start. Please consider the following dates:


LABORATORY ON PUBLIC OPINION SURVEY DATA (F. Olmastroni): 12/5 h 14-17 (Aula 5)


Participants learn how to search data about citizens’ attitudes & the EU.

Surveys realized by the LAPS at the University of Siena & opportunities for students are also illustrated.








LABORATORY ON MEPs BEHAVIOUR (S. Cresti): 17/5 h 14-17 (Aula 6) & 19/5 h 14-16 (Aula 5)

Participants learn how to search & analyse data about the activities of the members of the EP.

CIRCaP archives are presented on a selection of EU-related policy issues.

Tutorial seminar 4th Meeting: USING THE CODEBOOK

How to filter EU-salient Tweets and content-analyse the discourse of political leaders? A codebook has been presented to students and shared among participants in the Tutorial seminar research session.

Key questions: can we confirm that leaders belonging to the political mainstream tweet less about the EU than leaders in the eurosceptic groups? to what extent do national political leaders mention other EU countries/leaders in their tweets? which issues provoke more discussion and which are the most retweeted/favourite  EU-related ashtags?

Next meeting: 26 May h 11-13 Aula 3A