Great presentations during the first wave of WGs’ feedback (23/3/2018)

Claims to EU legitimacy have been examined (WG1): electoral democracy vs. policy effectiveness? Can they come together? Evidences from the the eurocrisis have been taken into consideration.

Furthermore, WG2 has introduced the role political parties could play in order to mitigate citizens’ disconnection to EU politics.

WGs started to meet: Take part & discuss issues about democracy in the EU

19/3 h 13-15 & 20/3/2018 h 15-17 Working groups prepare class discussion

23/3 h 11-13 & 26/3/2018 h 13-15 Students presentations and class discussion


Examples of TOPICS:

To what extent the “Better regulation” agenda is a way through which the European Commission has tried to enhance the legitimacy of EU policies? What does it obstacle the development of a more likely transnational party system? How do NPs actively contribute to the democratic functioning of the EU?…

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