Next seminar session about Public opinion’s attitudes & the EU in hard times: 2-3 May

Encouraged by Prof. Paolo Bellucci, students have explored the potential sources of a European identity, compared to the national ones. An assessment of the many factors that can sustain or hinder the development of such a European identification among citizens of EU member states was developed.

To what extent identity and citizenship attitudes are important determinants of people’s overall evaluations of EU integration will be explored by students during the seminar session on 2 May (h 17-19) & 3 May (h 9-11) at Presidio Mattioli. Presentions by students are going to be organized on a list of given topics. Enroll yourselves as a working group!



Disenchantment with the EU?.. What do European citizens think?

On 16 April 2018 the EUReACT module about Public opinion attitudes towards EU membership and policies starts.

The first 2 meetings are with Prof. Francesco Olmastroni: 16/4 h 13-15 (Room 3A) & 17/4 h 15-17 (Room M).

Then Prof. Paolo Bellucci follows: 18/4 h 17-19 & 19/4 h 9-11 (Room 3B).

The session will be concluded with the Laboratory on Public Opinion survey data: 4/5 & 11/5 h 11-13 (Aula L).


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