29 May 2018: British public and cultural diplomacy in light of the Brexit

9AM-11AM Presidio Mattioli – Room 6

Speakers: Jo Beall (Director Education and Society) & Emily Morrison (Research manager), British Council

Chair: Francesco Olmastroni (EUReACT Staff) University of Siena

#EUElections2019: one year to go

A Europe Direct-Siena initiative (in Italian) – Open to the public

europe direct

28 May 2018 h 10 Aula Magna storica – Rettorato

Dibattito “Verso le elezioni europee del 2019”

Partecipano i Prof. Daniele Pasquinucci (Università di Siena),

Prof. Luca Verzichelli Università di Siena & EUReACT Staff)

& l’Europarlamentare Laura Agea (Movimento 5 Stelle)


LAB on Elites’ attitudes and behavior 21 & 25 May 2018

SAVE the DATES: 21/5 h 13-16 Room 4 & 25/5 h 16-18 Room 3B at Presidio Mattioli

Former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi and German chancellor Angela MerkelAn Introdution about How the European Parliament works will be given. Then, MEPs behaviour & activism will be examined making practical use of existing archives. Eurosceptic attitudes will be also taken into consideration comparatively.

Lectures by Simone Cresti & Paolo Marzi (from the EUReACT Staff).

Event in Florence: 11 May 2018

A Citizens Dialogue on The Future of Cohesion policy beyond 2020 has been organized by the Tuscany Region & the Comittee of the Regions (CoR). Together with the Coordinator, a selected group of EUReACT students will take part to this Event 2018.

LAB on Public Opinion Survey Data: students from two different MA Courses are attending the session

This morning 4 May h 11-13 at Presidio Mattioli Prof. Francesco Olmastroni introduced the Laboratory on Public Opinion Survey Data, this year attended by two different classes of students: the first group comes from the Master Course in International Sciences/European Studies (Department of Political and International Sciences); the second group is enrolled in the Master in Public and Cultural Diplomacy (Department of Social, political and Cognitive Sciences). Next meeting will be on Friday 11 May h 11-13.

Crucial points emphasized during the 1st LAB session:

  • How to judge survey data: Are they reliable enough?
  • Random or probability strategies
  • The experimental design
  • Preparing and testing the questionnaire
  • Developing data analysis: the “codebook-coding-dataset” relation


The Elite Module: Lectures 2018 of Prof. Luca Verzichelli now scheduled

SAVE THE DATES: 10/5 h 18-20 (Room 6) & 11/5 h 16-18 (Room 3A)

A short introduction to Elite studies in comparative politics, with a particular focus on the European scenario, will be given. The following topics will be covered: 1) the analysis of “positional study of political elites”: social profiles, modes of selection and career patterns of contemporary ruling elites in Europe; 2) the analysis of “attitudinal study of political elites”: role orientation, normative values and the question of the elite-mass gap; 3) the study of the processes of elite selection and leader selection in the contemporary democracies; 4) methodological issues in the study of contemporary political elites. Studying the elites via political discourse, documentary data, social media.

Two seminars with Dr. PhD Gianni del Panta are also planned:

4/5 h 16-18 (Room 3A) Regime Change. Democracy and Democratization
16/5 h 18-20 (Room TBA) Autocracies after Autocracies

For further information write to eureact@unisi.it