The Elite Module: Lectures 2018 of Prof. Luca Verzichelli now scheduled

SAVE THE DATES: 10/5 h 18-20 (Room 6) & 11/5 h 16-18 (Room 3A)

A short introduction to Elite studies in comparative politics, with a particular focus on the European scenario, will be given. The following topics will be covered: 1) the analysis of “positional study of political elites”: social profiles, modes of selection and career patterns of contemporary ruling elites in Europe; 2) the analysis of “attitudinal study of political elites”: role orientation, normative values and the question of the elite-mass gap; 3) the study of the processes of elite selection and leader selection in the contemporary democracies; 4) methodological issues in the study of contemporary political elites. Studying the elites via political discourse, documentary data, social media.

Two seminars with Dr. PhD Gianni del Panta are also planned:

4/5 h 16-18 (Room 3A) Regime Change. Democracy and Democratization
16/5 h 18-20 (Room TBA) Autocracies after Autocracies

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