LAB on Public Opinion Survey Data: students from two different MA Courses are attending the session

This morning 4 May h 11-13 at Presidio Mattioli Prof. Francesco Olmastroni introduced the Laboratory on Public Opinion Survey Data, this year attended by two different classes of students: the first group comes from the Master Course in International Sciences/European Studies (Department of Political and International Sciences); the second group is enrolled in the Master in Public and Cultural Diplomacy (Department of Social, political and Cognitive Sciences). Next meeting will be on Friday 11 May h 11-13.

Crucial points emphasized during the 1st LAB session:

  • How to judge survey data: Are they reliable enough?
  • Random or probability strategies
  • The experimental design
  • Preparing and testing the questionnaire
  • Developing data analysis: the “codebook-coding-dataset” relation