LAB on Elites’ attitudes and behavior 21 & 25 May 2018

SAVE the DATES: 21/5 h 13-16 Room 4 & 25/5 h 16-18 Room 3B at Presidio Mattioli

Former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi and German chancellor Angela MerkelAn Introdution about How the European Parliament works will be given. Then, MEPs behaviour & activism will be examined making practical use of existing archives. Eurosceptic attitudes will be also taken into consideration comparatively.

Lectures by Simone Cresti & Paolo Marzi (from the EUReACT Staff).

Extra seminar on European parties

Today, 22 May 2017, h 13-15 (aula 3A) Prof. Enrico Calossi joins us to present his book “Anti-Austerity Left Parties in the EU. Competion, Coordination and Integration” (2016, Pisa University Press).

See “Events/Special Guests” to download the full slide presentation.